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Vacation rentals booking sites in India


Vacation rental is relatively new term in Indian hospitality industry. Many of the regular travellers have no clear ideas on the subject.

Indian hospitality industry is growing rapidly. Tourism in India accounts for 6.8 percent of the GDP and it is the third largest foreign exchange earner for the country.

The tourism and hospitality sectors direct contribution to GDP totalled US$44.2 billion in 2015. Over 7.757 million foreign tourist arrivals were reported in 2015. Which will grow over 15 million by 2025, according to the World Tourism Organisation.

Beside foreign tourist there are increasing number of domestic tourist. Demand for accommodation is increasing every day. This gap has created an opportunity to vacation rentals business in India.

New comer to the sector has targeted budget luxury and semi luxury tourist. Their properties are in the category of boutique and luxury segments.

Booking sites for Indian vacation rental properties, are limited in number.
There are few Indian players among  Western big brothers already in the race. Some of them are as follows :

Boutique hotels in India


The boutique hotels, the new big entry in Indian hospitality segments. Now you can avail luxury of star hotels at much lower price at boutique hotels. They have almost all features of a star category hotel with limited number of rooms (10-100) with exotic amenities such as electronics, spas, yoga, pool, gym, restaurant, café, and etc.. the online boutique travel agency, has make it available all major boutique hotels in India for travellers, holidaymakers from all over the world. At Tripsmake you will find all major boutique hotels and resorts with exotic amenities like pool, yoga, gym, spa, and etc.

Now you can avail and experience the luxury at the much less cost of a star hotel. Take a look to and find details of the boutique hotels, watch hotel videos, read reviews of their customers before a reservation.

Tripsmake, is introducing customer loyalty programs, so while you make a reservation you will earn reward points and that rewards you can cash on for your next booking at Tripsmake, or you can purchase discount coupons (against your points) for dining, gifts, holiday vouchers, cab rentals, shopping coupons and etc.

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